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About Our Gohan (Dish)

Wa Dining Project focuses on providing a comfortable and delightful experience of Japanese cuisine to people of all ages, ranging from children to the elderly. In addition, we use carefully selected Aomori-grown rice for our onigiri (rice balls) and rice bowls.

Enjoy the home-style flavours of Japan at Sydney's markets.

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- Wa Dining Project Menu -

Rice Bowls Mini $8 | R $15 | L $18

Gyudon (Wagyu Beef Rice Bowl)

Karaage Chicken 

Onigiri $6 ea:

- Miso Salmon

- Karaage Chicken

- Pork Ginger

- Shiso Ume Plum & Cucumber

- Takana & Takuan (v)

- Edamame & Konbu


Home-made Wagyu Beef Curry Pie $7

Karaage Chicken with QP Mayo $7.5 | Spicy Yuzu Mayo $8

Okonomiyaki Stick $7


Chilled Cream Mochi $4 ea

- Matcha Green Tea

- Strawberry

- Mango Soy Milk (v)

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